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HACCP Audits & Quality Issue Troubleshooting

Getting to the root cause of an issue or preparing for audits can be difficult without an independent set of expert eyes. Quality Associates offers a range of auditing and troubleshooting services including HACCP accreditation to keep your business producing high-quality food and beverages.

Service Outline

HACCP Audits:

Our Auditing team are lead auditors and skills examiners. We go above and beyond a tick-box HACCP audit. Our team supports you and ensures you understand the HACCP report and outcome.

We focus on Melbourne and offer no travel costs for businesses within 1 hour of Melbourne’s CBD. We offer highly competitive pricing and a service that delivers real results for your business. Fill out the contact form below for a quote and more information.


Service Abilities:

Quality Associates has an experienced audit and consulting team with extensive retail and supply chain experience. Our team includes lead auditor trainers that know what excellence is in auditing.

We also specialise in gap audits and food safety system health checks to provide an independent view of your systems or get you audit-ready.

We work with your quality team to tailor our services to your site and your needs.

Our Experience

Our expertise is particularly relevant for food quality and safety troubleshooting where supply chain issues have led to customer impacts such as complaints, withdrawals or recalls.

Our audit team comprises the highest quality lead auditors and skills examiners, who can meet all your quality investigation and auditing needs.


The Quality Associates auditor, Kerri Goodman, thoroughly reviewed all the documentation and gave me feedback on document control and additional requirements on the Supplier Database that needed updating. She reviewed the manufacturing processes, was very friendly and approachable with all staff and highlighted issues with allergen control and food safety, staff training as well as storage of products.

The CAR report was very clear, and I was given sufficient time to complete it, the submission of evidence was easy to do, and Kerri responded within the same day.

I am sure we will remain loyal and continue to use your support with HACCP.

Emilia Tauber
Operations Manager – Cesare Cimino Biscuit

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