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Food Factory Site/ High Care Development

We consult on world-class risk management through high care factory design.

Service Outline

Service Outline

High care zoning for ready-to-eat food manufacture is an accepted, best-practice method to manage microbial risks including Listeria monocytogenes.

 Historically many manufacturing sites achieve an intermediate level of risk management, with the significant investment needed to upgrade facilities to the appropriate zoning.

We can prevent expensive mistakes and help you achieve a smoother transition to the appropriate level of risk management by sharing our best-practice insights across a wide array of manufacturing sites.

Working with Quality Associates

We can work with your engineering company or involve our engineering partners in your project, whether it is refurbishment or a new build.

The advice we can provide includes the layout of facilities, correct placement of floor to ceiling barriers, flows and management of people, product, raw material and waste, drainage and air handling.

In addition, we can advise on best practice allergen segregation and management required today to prevent cross-contact.

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