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Crisis & Recall Support

Quality Associates is built upon food safety and quality management knowledge and excellence. Our expert team, built by Dr Andreas Klieber has the knowledge base. We will work with you and tailor our support to your team and deal with any technical challenge you might face.

Service Outline

How we can help

Our expert team can be there to support yours if the worst were to happen. Our team has supported national retailers through recalls in an extremely efficient manner that reduces cost and ensures all requirements are met.

Recall Support

We manage product recall processes and provide critical resources when you need them most.

Product recalls are the last resort when quality systems have failed to prevent a serious issue.

This is a time of high stress and despite annual mock-recalls organisations may feel underprepared and unsure of all the legally required steps.

Communication with regulators, media and consumers is complex, must be timely and must follow a specific sequence to meet all mandated obligations.

We have extensive experience in managing public recall situations, liaising with the supply chain, retailers and regulators.

We can advise you on appropriate recall procedures and mock recalls or set up a recall management service for you.

We manage recalls through close collaboration of all stakeholders, documenting all steps on pre-designed templates and ensuring that legal obligations are met along the way. We also source legal advice where required, place required media advertising and advise on press releases.

Risk Assessment

Quality Associates can provide your team with an outside, independent risk assessment based on scientific evidence when your team is unsure of which direction to take.

We have a vast amount of experience assessing the risk to the consumer from a microbiological, physical and chemical standpoint when issues occur.

Your team will have the best information possible and a non-biased standpoint to make a correct decision when it really matters.

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