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Date Posted: June 7, 2018

How Prepared Is Your Business For a Product Recall?

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Written By: Quality Associates

The Quality Associates team has vast experience in FMCG, food production, horticulture, food technology, supply chain management and foodservice.

Could Your Business Successfully Implement a Recall in 4 Hours?

With, on average, more than one food recall occurring per week in Australia over the past ten years, a recall is a significant risk to your business (FSANZ, 2018). Even a business with the best food safety systems could one day face a recall due to no fault of their own. Being prepared for all situations is the only way to insure your brand and company.

Without a structured and practised recall plan, your business could be open to multiple recalls on the same product. This can take the cost of the recall from hundreds of thousands into multiple millions. Along with the monetary cost, consumers will be exposed to your branded recall ads multiple times, leaving a lasting impression upon them.

The first 4 hours are the most critical in successfully implementing a recall that can maintain the integrity of your brand. This requires all levels of business to be in step with exact knowledge of their role.

All the above members of staff have distinct roles during a recall with many requiring high-levels of interaction.

Quality Associates (RTO 41341) brings structure to the process by delivering detailed and easy to follow Recall Management Training and Mock Recall Implementation Exercises. Part of this training will deliver a Recall Process Flow Chart and Process Timeline that will ensure timeliness and that all legal requirements are met.

The Mock Recall Implementation Exercise counts towards the yearly required Mock Recall and ensures your business gains far more than a basic traceability exercise.
Quality Associates is here to give you peace of mind by delivering training and practice tailored to your business.

Make the most of this year’s Mock Recall by contacting Quality Associates today!

If your business needs assistance with their recall training and processes, contact Quality Associates today for a consultation on 1300 73 71 93 or info@qualityassociates.com.au

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