Quality Associates

Case Study: Covid-19 at Chobani

Service Offered:

- Business Continuity Pressure Test


Quality Associates ran a very intense, but very valuable COVID-19 Pressure Test over a 24 hour period for our business.

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Quality Associates ran a very intense, but very valuable COVID-19 Pressure Test over a 24 hour period for our business, to test the current preparedness of our business to deal with an emerging COVID-19 threat to production capability, staff and consumer safety, as well as our business and brands reputations and ongoing ability to produce and distribute food. There were multiple scenarios that were thrown at our team during the course of the 24hours, and through our core Crisis Management Team we were able to work through these scenarios and group back together understanding firstly, what our response would be to the scenario thrown at us, and secondly but more importantly, where our business process gaps currently are if this scenario should occur in real life.

It was also very reassuring that as we played out these scenarios, according to global media reports, other businesses across the world were actually dealing with the exact same scenarios playing out in their businesses in real life. This gave us much more confidence in the investment in time we made to this exercise, and that Quality Associates were the right partner to lead us through this pressure test.

Andreas is very experienced in the FMCG industry from both the supplier and retailer side and is a very calm and knowledgeable facilitator who was able to guide us through each scenario and provide real-time feedback on our responses because he was so familiar with our industry and also direct us to the right information, industry body or government department depending on the scenario which was playing out at the time.

Chobani is now in a much stronger position to deal with this crisis in a timely fashion and to engage with all stakeholders as required in the current global COVID-19 crisis, as well as in any future events. I couldn’t speak more highly of the process and the confidence it has given us to address our gaps and deal with whatever real-life scenario comes our way.

Lyn Radford

Managing Director, Chobani