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Case Study: Simplot

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- Environmental Testing Program



We deliberately sought out a company like Quality Associates where both the technical and practical experience was sound.

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The Projects completed for Simplot

There are two key projects that Quality Associates have conducted for Simplot. These projects have been undertaken largely to ensure Simplot are identifying and controlling food safety risk and complying with their customer and standard requirements.

Environmental Testing Program

This project was designed to review the way Simplot are currently approaching their balance between finished product testing and environmental monitoring. Simplot wanted to focus on the hygiene standards and controls in their manufacturing environment and become less reliant on finished product testing results where they have already added value to the product. Simplot’s goal is to make sure that they are managing risk but are not over testing and adding unnecessary complication to their verification program. Their revised program ensures that all their customer and regulatory requirements are being met.


The intention of this project was to risk assess and manage the threats and vulnerabilities associated with materials, manufacturing sites and their entire supply chain. In order for risks to be managed they first need to be understood through a thorough risk assessment using a specifically designed tool.

The Outcomes

The environmental testing project is delivering a significant financial saving from rationalising Simplot testing programs. The business benefits of implementing the Threat and Vulnerability program are around risk avoidance and product, consumer and brand protection. Understanding and managing risks associated with a deliberate attack on products is essential in food manufacturing with such long and complex supply chains and increasing industry trends of food fraud.

Training Programs

In addition to the above projects, Quality Associates have delivered a tailored listeria management course for Simplot operations employees. This came about as they realised there were gaps in listeria knowledge across their sites, particularly at the operator level.

“The training was extremely beneficial and has assisted us in initiating facility and process modifications, now that there is a better understanding across the teams of how listeria behaves. This course was particularly helpful in giving people context around this microbe and also the confidence in understanding what they can do in their everyday role to help manage the risks.”

Phoebe Dowling

National Quality Manager, Simplot