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Date Posted: October 13, 2016


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The Quality Associates team has vast experience in FMCG, food production, horticulture, food technology, supply chain management and foodservice.

Unfortunately food defence has become a major concern for Australian food manufacturers. There is a genuine threat from deliberate malicious attacks, food fraud or substitution and adulteration. This may include criminals, who attempt to profit from businesses, or organisations who want to use food as a means of publicising a cause, revenge or to extort money. Adulteration can be economically or ideologically motivated.

TACCP or Threat Assessment Critical Control Point is used to assess the threats of the adulteration, malicious contamination or fraudulent supply of food for ideological or criminal reasons.

TACCP & VACCP Systems are becoming essential components of business risk management and are now a requirement in many customer and third party standards.

However, many companies are confused as to what TACCP & VACCP is, let alone develop and implement systems. That is why it is essential to seek professional assistance.

Quality Associates are experts in TACCP & VACCP Systems and work with some of Australia’s leading Food Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers. Click here to view a case study of how we can help you.

Training (RTO 41341)
We offer a comprehensive TACCP & VACCP Training Course that will enable you to identify different types of threats, determine vulnerability points in the supply chain and conduct a TACCP & VACCP evaluation, using risk management framework.

Consulting and System Development
In addition, we can provide a one-on-one consultation to review your current facilities and provide comprehensive recommendations or set up your systems.

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