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Date Posted: May 22, 2019

Food Fraud Snapshot: April & May

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Global Food Fraud Snapshot: April & May

The last two months have seen major Food Fraud events that have had a direct impact on consumers. This is a global issue that is causing both physical and financial harm to consumers. Below is a snapshot list of Food Fraud events from around the world.



‘Another Missouri Man Charged in Fake Organic Grain Scheme’ – USA

“CEDAR RAPIDS — A second Missouri man involved in selling non-organic grain as organic for millions of dollars throughout the country will take a plea deal in federal court in a few weeks…” Read More About The Story Here





‘Dangerous Fake JW Whisky Heading for BKK’ – Thailand

“Excise officials have busted a factory in Thailand’s far south that was mixing up brews of fake Johnny Walker Red and Black label whiskey. Police say the man behind the faux booze is a foreigner…” Read More About The Story Here





‘North Korea Launches Investigation to Track Down Counterfeit Liquor Production’ – North Korea

“In the wake of a series of incidents involving residents falling ill (and in some cases dying) from counterfeit liquor, the North Korean government has launched an extensive investigation to track down the perpetrators responsible…” Read More About The Story Here


“Australian fake tequila fire sale ‘could cause injury’” – Australia

“Mexican authorities have warned that thousands of bottles of fake tequila up for auction in Australia at bargain prices “may cause injury if consumed,” says an ABC report…” Read More About The Story Here



‘Examination Reveals Vegetable Oil In Five Brands of Sour Cream’ – Armenia

“Acting on a string of mass media reports Armenia’s State Food Safety Service examined several brands of sour cream and revealed that some of them contained vegetable oil…” Read More About The Story Here
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