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The Food Industry is constantly changing. Are You? Industry driven training from Quality Associates (RTO Number 41341)

We Provide Meaningful Courses for Your Business.

Delivering current industry leading training for your food business shows customers and auditors your commitment to food safety and quality. The Quality Associates team prides itself on providing you with the necessary resources to remain current with the latest food industry requirements and best practices.

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HACCP Training
HACCP Courses

This course consists of 4 HACCP related courses: #1 Principles of HACCP, #2 HACCP for the HARPS Standard, #3 HACCP Refresher and #4 HACCP Awareness.

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Internal Food Safety Auditor

Internal auditing of food safety and good manufacturing programs is an essential part of ensuring that processes and practices are under control.

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Food Labelling

Gain a deep understanding of how to comply with Australian Food Labelling Requirements including 2021 Updates to Plain English Allergen Labelling (Food Standards Code) and Health Star Ratings.

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Food Microbiology
Food Microbiology Training

This course is designed for non-food science graduates. It provides an overview of food microbiology.

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taccp vaccp systems
Food Fraud & Defence – TACCP & VACCP Systems

Protect Your Products with a Robust System! Threats and Vulnerability Systems (TACCP & VACCP) is your best defence against Food Fraud.

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Allergen Management & VITAL 3.0

The major cause of recalls in Australia is undeclared allergens. Learn how to mitigate this threat through this Allergen Bureau Licenced course,

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Recall Management & Mock Recall Facilitation

Learn how to effectively implement a recall and reduce risk and exposure to your business.

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HARPS Training

The course has been designed to reflect the immediate needs for producers to meet the HARPS requirements, using case studies and practical examples where possible

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Foreign Body Control & Customer Complaint Root Cause Analysis

Foreign Bodies are a leading cause of recalls that are often found and complained about by the consumer.

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Managing Chemical Food Safety Hazards
Managing Chemical Food Safety Hazards

This course teaches how chemicals can become a hazard in the food manufacturing process and how to manage them throughout the supply chain.

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Food MAnufacturing Production Team Training
Food Manufacturing Production Team Training

These courses are available in-person, online or can be facilitated by your team. Translation options exist for English as Second Language participants.

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Due Diligence Food Safety Culture
Due Diligence & Food Safety Culture

This course provides senior and middle management with an understanding of their due diligence requirements to ensure that food and/or products are safe and legal.

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Pest Control – GMP

Many companies outsource their pest control programs. However, each company is still responsible for effective implementation and monitoring of their programs.

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Listeria Management

Listeria management is, for many foods, a critical component of manufacturing safe foods.

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Statistical Process Control

The updated GFSI standards have strengthened their requirements for statistical process control (SPC).

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Cleaning & Sanitising Principles – GMP

This course provides an understanding of good food manufacturing cleaning and sanitising principles and practices. Reduce your risk of recalls with this specialised course.

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Sensory Evaluation Principles

This course will introduce you to organoleptic principles. It will give you an understanding of how your 5 senses work, how they interact with foods and how each of the senses interact.

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What Sets Quality Associates Apart in Food Safety Training

We understand the benefits to your business in taking HACCP courses. We do everything we can to make this process straightforward. When you take a course through us, you can always expect expert trainers and dedicated support.

In-House Training

We make our courses as convenient as possible for you and your team. Our industry professionals can come to your location for your course. Training Courses range in duration. Multiple classes last half a day, while others can take as long as two days. We can coordinate with you and tailor training according to your needs, ensuring that your staff gets the most out of the class.

Specific Course Outline

For each of our courses, we will provide you with a course outline so that you understand what your team will learn during the program. For example, our HACCP course will teach your staff to recognise different food safety hazards and knowledge to put together HACCP plans that abide by Codex Guidelines. We also supply the learning goals for the course to help you direct your employees’ focus and attention.


We understand that every person learns differently. Hence, our teaching staff strives to go above and beyond to cater to the needs of our clients and students during the class. When you contact us, you can always talk to a director about any program. Our goal is to provide a professional and informative experience.​

Listeria Management

Listeria is a type of foodborne disease that develops because of bacteria. A person can become very sick from listeria and suffer from a fever or vomiting. If word gets out that a customer contracted listeria at your location, it could be a significant blow to your company and result in loss of business. During our listeria management course, we will teach you the proper way to store and manage your food to avoid sickness to your team or customers.

Recall Management and Mock Recall

Unfortunately, it’s common for different food products to demand a recall periodically. As soon as you receive word about this recall, you must put specific processes into place to ensure the well-being of your customers. This day-long program will not only teach you how to put together a recall plan but also take you through a mock recall so you can identify any flaws in your procedure.

Audits and Inspections

An audit or an internal review is a great way to check your current processes. Taking this step will help you obtain valuable feedback on how you can improve your business.

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Related Services We Provide to HACCP Training in Australia

Although we provide options for HACCP training throughout Australia, we also offer an array of other courses. A few examples include:

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Quality Associates

At Quality Associates, we pride ourselves on providing our students with the personalised attention that they need to obtain certificates to help them to grow in the food industry. Our team is readily available to answer any of your questions regarding our programs. Contact us today for more information about certification for the food industry.