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Sensory Evaluation Principles

This course will introduce you to organoleptic principles. It will give you an understanding of how your 5 senses work, how they interact with foods and how each of the senses interact.

Course Length

1 Day (Including Set-up)

Industry Best Practice Training

Course Outline

This course will introduce you to organoleptic testing principles. It will give you an understanding of how your senses work, how they interact with foods and how each of the senses interact. We will also review factors that may bias sensory assessments and provide guidance on best practice assessment tools and common sensory terms/ language used in the food manufacturing sector.

Using a variety of samples and sensory standards for tasting, you will gain an understanding of your team’s tasting strengths and weaknesses and how they impact conducting taste panels.

The sensory course also utilises your own products to develop a common language and assessment platform.

The second part of the course focuses on the testing methodology itself, breaking down methodologies individually. Conducting these tests in exercises using your own products will prime your future panel of how these tests will be conducted and their results assessed.

We can design a sensory course to meet your business requirements for sensory quality checks and product development.


Upon successful completion of assessment, a certificate of completion will be awarded.

Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for all Quality Assurance, NPD and product technologist staff members.

Learning Outcomes

Presented skills:
  • Development of an appropriate sensory test panel
  • Developing a sensory language for foods to be tested
  • Statistical Evaluation
Presented knowledge:
  • How human senses work
  • Interaction of senses with foods
  • Sensory testing methodology
  • Testing biases and fatigue
  • Sensory Testing Questionnaires

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There are no Prerequisites.

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What Our Customers Say

The training was extremely beneficial. This course was particularly helpful in giving confidence to the team.
Phoebe Dowling
National Quality Manager, Simplot

Public Course Options


This course has a short test designed to reinforce the key skills and knowledge outcomes and is required to achieve a certificate of completion.

Your Statement of Completion will be sent to you upon successful completion and payment.

For any course-related queries, please email customer support at training@qualityassociates.com.au.

No, all assessments are included in this course.