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CODEX CCP Decision Tree 2023

CODEX HACCP has now been updated with a revised CCP Decision Tree. It is simpler and incorporates significant improvements. Particularly Q1 makes it clear that …

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Harness the Power of Allergen Management with Our VITAL 3.0 Training Course

In the ever-evolving world of food safety and allergen management, continuous education is more than a need – it’s a necessity. That’s why we’ve developed …

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Quality Assurance Systems
Comprehensive Quality & Food Safety Training Courses for the Food Manufacturing Industry

The global food manufacturing industry is constantly evolving, with stringent regulations and consumer demands driving the need for exceptional food safety and quality management. To …

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Strengthen Your Team with Sensory Evaluation Training

Sensory evaluation plays a vital role in the food industry, as it directly impacts consumer satisfaction and brand reputation. It is essential to train not …

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The Impact of Clostridium botulinum and the cause of a recent recall

The recent recall of a range of non-dairy milks for botulism has highlighted that a sound understanding of food safety risks and food labelling requirements is essential.

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Auditing Services Quality Issues Troubleshooting
Internal Food Safety Auditing: Understanding the Importance and Benefits

Discover the importance of internal food safety auditing for your food business. Learn about the role of the internal food safety auditor, the benefits of training your team, and the relevance to HACCP. Boost your food safety outcomes with Quality Associates’ Internal Food Safety Auditor and HACCP courses.

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HACCP Certification and Training in Australia – Quality Associates

Learn about HACCP certification and training in Australia with Quality Associates. Our team of lead auditors and trainers provide HACCP accreditation, online HACCP courses and HACCP refresher training. Discover the importance of HACCP in food safety and the 4 types of food hazards. Contact us today for more information.

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Rise of Allergens Front Cover
Allergen Recalls in Australia – Whitepaper

Blurb: In this whitepaper, Dr Andreas Klieber explores the statistics, the reasons behind the rise of allergen recalls and what you can do to protect your consumers and brands.

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qa blog featured article

Contact: Dr Andreas Klieber, aklieber@qualityassociates.com.au, +61 438 356 394 Codex HACCP Update is coming to a workplace near you…

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qa blog featured article
Why Food Defence and Business Continuity Programs Are Crucial

This article looks at the bombing incidents in Germany on the 17/02/2021. It details how this and other rare incidents…

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Andreas Conference original
Food Security in the Novel World – Coronavirus – 06 April 2020

In this webinar, our director Dr Andreas Klieber discusses the impact of coronavirus on current food processing and its implications for future business continuity planning in the Australian food industry.

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Implication of Novel Coronavirus on Food Processing

Implication of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) on Food ProcessingDr Andreas Klieber – Managing Director QAPartnersContact: aklieber@qualityassociates.com.au, +61 438 356 394Updated: 13/03/2020…

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Food Fraud Snapshot: April & May

Global Food Fraud Snapshot: April & May The last two months have seen major Food Fraud events that have had…

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Statistical Process Control Quiz

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is more important than ever. Standards such as SQF and BRC have mandated that testing procedures…

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Lessons to be Learned from the Sabotage of Strawberries

The impact in Australia has been extremely widespread. What started as an issue from one farm has led to cases…

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Labelling webinar 2
Free Labelling Webinar – 29/8/2018 – 13.00 to 13.30
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Food Police Agency coming for food manufacturers in France?

Food Police Agency coming for food manufacturers in France? This year has seen multiple recalls on products containing dairy…

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Foresee and Avoid the Next Food Fraud Scandal

As the food industry looks to combat the estimated $40 billion a year issue of food fraud, attention is shifting…

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Could Blockchain Technology Put a Stop to Food Fraud?

Food Fraud is one of the biggest threats to the food industry and consumers alike. Online marketplace, Alibaba, estimates that…

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Food Fraud Webinar – 04/07/2018

Food Fraud Webinar Quality Associates will be commencing a technical webinar series in conjunction with the AIFST. – The First…

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How Prepared Is Your Business For a Product Recall?

Could Your Business Successfully Implement a Recall in 4 Hours? With, on average, more than one food recall occurring per…

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qa blog featured article
The Future of Food Safety

The food industry is a very dynamic industry driving product innovation, developing sustainability models in the face of international economic pressures and raw material challenges, and addressing nutritional requirements of increasingly sophisticated consumers.

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Product of Australia
Country of Origin Labelling – Is Your Business Ready for the 30th June Deadline?

The Australian Country of Origin Food Labelling Information Standard (2016) is a mandatory requirement as of the 30th of June…

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Unfortunately food defence has become a major concern for Australian food manufacturers. There is a genuine threat from deliberate malicious…

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Are Your Products out of Specification?

If so, you run an enormous risk of: Disappointed customers who will likely abandon your brand. Contracts with retailers being…

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Give Yourself A Competitive Edge

Additional training is one way of ensuring your career advancement. Employers will give preference to those candidates with added skills…

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May 19, 2016

If so, you run an enormous risk of: Disappointed customers who will likely abandon your brand. Contracts with retailers being...

May 12, 2016

Additional training is one way of ensuring your career advancement. Employers will give preference to those candidates with added skills...